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More Thoughts on War

[2003-04-01] @ [9:31 a.m.]

I don't have a quote of any kind to match this entry, another reason is that I'm at school doing this again. I just can't find anything that can match what I'm thinking as I write this.

I have my own reasons. I swear my dreams are really screwed up lately. It could be something in the water or it could be life.

I'll take life for two hundred, Alex.

My best guess it is the coverage of the war that is airing basically on every channel 24/7. I'm just really sick hearing about it. Seeing the pictures that are assiocated with war and such. I still accept it and acknowledge that it is there but I now refuse to believe in such a cause to the point where it disturbs me. That is exactly what this "war" is doing to me. I had another one of my dreams last night where a mass grave of soIdiers where unearthed and I had to witness it . It was extremely disturbing and that threw it off.

I know that "this is for the greater good," but it just doesn't seem like it. What good can come out of death and destruction and pain. It just makes the world worse and miserable. I look back at history and I believe this is something very simliar to the Crusades. I just don't see a point to any of this crap anymore. The war coverage brings this horrible conflict to the living room and the people who are fightening it. I honestly do not know what to say on this but I support our troops like any good person would. I just don't see or support the just cause to any of this. I hope this will be over soon. Later and I'll have an entry tonight.

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