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A list of things about me...

[2005-12-06] @ [11:14 p.m.]

Okay, seeing how I do not want to study for Italian right away, I think I am going to do one of those lists/bio things that I should have done since I've had this diary since 2002. Well. Why not?

1. I have a tendencey to say ya'll.

2. Though I do not believe I have a southeren accent even though I was raised in Virginia all my life. I lived in Northern Virginia near D.C. and moved down to Hampton Roads when I was eight.

3. People call me a hobbit because of my hair. And I have the Sting at home. And the one ring.

4. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan.

5. I am also an Orlando Bloom fan.

6. And Farscape fan.

7. And Eragon fan.

8. I collect Lord of the Rings action figures.

9. I have naturally curly hair and it annoys the crap out of me when people say 'I would die/pay so much money to have hair like yours.'

10. I also bite my nails.

11. I crack my feet a lot. And my knuckles. And my neck. I think it grosses people out.

12. Tanning beds scare me. And I have tried it... once. It still scared me. Sun coffins.

13. Fish scare me as well but not as much as tanning beds.

14. My favorite colors are blue and green.

15. I've fallen out of trees and never got seriously hurt.

16. I am an American mutt. My other traces of hertiage are Italian, German, Irish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian, and some other stuff.

17. I look more Italian than anything though, according to friends and family.

18. I was born September 4, 1987 thus making me 18 when I write this.

19. I've never broken a bone.

20. Though I did sprain my left wrist when I got thrown off a horse when I was nine.

21. I never had braces.

22. Though I have had one cavity and all of my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 13.

23. I think I am more of a cat person than a dog person.

24. But I can go either way so long as the animal isn't the devil.

25. One of my favorite bands is Lacuna Coil.

26. I've gotten the wind knocked out of me before by falling off a mechanical bull and not landing on the mats. I couldn't breathe for a few minutes.

27. I love creative writing... particularly poetry and fiction.

28. I can't resist an open mic night at a local coffee house.

29. I had a few of my poems published in a local anthology of poems earlier this year.

30. I am a student at Christopher Newport University, currently a freshman.

31. I don't know what I want to major in. My passions lay in literature and in history. Maybe something invovling those. I could see myself majoring in English, with a concentration in lit while minoring in history.

32. My last name is Italian.

33. I'm an only child and my parents are still together.

34. I've been kissed but never had a "real" boyfriend.

35. And I am a virgin.

36. I have a tendency to start books and never finish them.

36. I adore both coffee and tea.

37. Yet I have a weakness for starbucks.

38. I hate fast food.

39. And I have developed a disliking for most soda since college.

40. And most sweets, except during PMSing.

41. I love procrastenation and I swore that I would reform in college and I did, for a while, but now I just want break to begin.

42. I am a hopeless romantic.

43. I don't think I've ever been in true love.

44. I really haven't had my heart broken yet but I know rejection.

45. I would prefer to have close friends and instead of a bunch of accquintances.

46. I think I am short, being at about 5'4".

47. I also write fanfiction.

48. I love learning languages even though I am horrible with speaking it. I am partial to Spanish, Latin, and Italian. I can sometimes carrying on a conversation or read the foregin instructions with electronics.

49. My mother tongue is English.

50. I gave up on sarcasism.

51. I can't tell when people are being sarcastic or serious.

52. People think I am sarcastic when I am serious and I am serious when I am acutally sarcastic.

53. I have an over active imagination.

54. And I have since 11.

55. I've never had an imaginary friend though.

56. Though I was scared that vampires would suck out my blood when I was nine so I slept with the blinds closed.

57. I named my first cell phone The Sting beause its screen was blue. Now my phone is mirror/phone. I haven't named it yet.

58. I like to ride horses even though I haven't done so in ages.

59. I am not very athletic but I am good at play softball.

60. I am horrible at finding things.

61. I used to play guitar.

62. I have a short attention span.

63. The most I've gone without sleep was 26 hours.

64. The latest that I have ever slept in till was 11.00 AM. Ever.

65. I am rarely absent from things.

66. I have this disease of being early to almost everything and anything.

67. I am a fangirl. I am not afraid to admit it.

68. I love crappy horror movies. They make me laugh.

69. I also love historic epics and war movies. I saw Saving Private Ryan three times in theaters before it came out on video.

70. I remember things in the most oddest ways.

71. I have ADD but I don't take medication for it anymore.

72. I am naturally insecure.

73. I have never done any drugs.

74. I graudated with honors and a 3.5 from high school.

75. I may seem uptight but once you get to know me, I am not that bad.

76. I have a tendency to name random things Bob.

77. I think Bob is a very dynamic name, especially if a snapping turtle is named Bob.

78. I love ducks.

79. My first name is my mom's maiden name.

80. If I had been born a boy, my first two initals would have been MG (Michel Giovanni) for my dad's favorite car... the British MGB.

81. My German grandmother was a translator at the Nuremberg Trails.

82. I know how to make meatballs.

83. Yet I never actually cooked meat. Never.

84. Most of the time, my cooking skills are limited to pasta, eggs, toast, and soup.

85. I hate daylight savings time, both in fall and spring.

86. I've been stung by a jelly fish.

87. I am also trying to write a novel but it is coming along very slowly.

88. It might be finished by the time I am dead.

89. And then I'll be rich and my children can live off it.

90. I am a pack rat and it wasn't till recently did I get rid of papers from school that were five years old.

91. I am not really an interesting person because I could only fit 91 things. Maybe more will be added later.

So, quick thanks for the image from confusedvision, under the Creative Commons License 2.0. The inspiration came from Lacuna Coil, an awesome gothic metal band from Italy. This place on the web is fueled by diaryland, firefox, psp 9, caffeine in any form, books, slavic literature, and random bursts of ideas. With the exception of the image and lyrics, the design and code involved is mine. Graize.

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