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I'm tired about you being tired!

[2009-01-21] @ [7:34 a.m.]

It's not that I am already mentally tired of this semester. I don't mind the classes. In exchange for crazy papers, I get crazy read by the truck full. I will say it again. I don't mind this. Reading makes me smart. Dare I say I am liking reading James Joyce, Greek epics, and King Arthur (introductions not included). I only have three papers (two for the Joyce class and a simple 3 page paper for ancient epic). I plan on pass/failing Greek this semester. I think I'll be able to handle work.

After three and half years, this isn't any different. Tell me why I'm so tired all the damn time though? I go to bed at like ten, don't fall asleep until eleven or so, but always wake up between four and five. I can force myself to stay in bed till 5:30 or even six. If I'm lucky, I can sleep in till 7:30 or even eight.

I'm just tired and even I am trying to eat well with no having a lot of junk food and soda. It would suck if I caught the flu again like I did last year around this time, or got sick for that matter. That would truly be not cool.

I'm trying not to complain too much. I am just tired about being tired.

Till later, more reading calls. Cheers.

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