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Always bring a banana to a party. Never know when you would need it.

[2010-05-26] @ [7:59 p.m.]

I go through my phases of frustration, stress, acceptance, and can-do attitude.

I am putting pressure on myself because I believe (at least I think I do), that I need to get a job right now. Like by the time I count to five, I'd better have something. Yet I don't. I just turned my first application today; I have another one partially started online. I have a list written somewhere of other places and applications for minimum wage positions and server jobs in a folder on some table. I constantly on the look out for some entry level that I can use my degree for. Maybe I should just apply to some government job just to try but it feels too soon right now.

I hate feeling like this--stuck in between everything. Finding a job, even something that would provide some sort of income, feels impossible. Yet, I know it is too early to be disappointed. I've barely turned in any applications and have not received any rejections from potential employers. It is still too early.

I tend to be an impatient person and this job hunt is just something I can't rush. I made that mistake two years ago with a summer job, taking the first job offer I got and not pursuing anything else. Big mistake. I barely worked any hours and I hated the job. To make the hunt for the elusive job easier, I read statistics. On MSN for instance, I read somewhere I a good job hunt can last from six weeks to ten months. My parents keep telling me not to get upset because finding a job and getting on my feet will take time. What is all of the evidence pointing to? This won't happen overnight.

Maybe I should implement a different strategy by joining one of those social media websites like Twitter? I don't know tonight. I might be turning in an application for a server position tomorrow.

Yeah. Till then. Cheers.

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