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Out from under the rock.

[2010-08-29] @ [8:35 a.m.]

"What do I fear? Myself?" ó William Shakespeare (from Richard III 5.3.183)

Awhile ago, back in late May, I read George Orwellís Down and Out in Paris and London. (Summary). A part of me feels like I resemble the main character in the first half of the novel, who works in various kitchens throughout Paris. Why? I have a job. Finally.

For the past few weeks, I found myself finally in a job, in a restaurant, as a server. I had another interview for a part time library page this past Wednesday, which I also hope I get. I felt the interview went very well. If I can get the library job and continue to work as a server as well, then I would really get the chance to start saving some money. Anyways, the job. Iím serving again at a restaurant, of all things. The restaurant is one of the better places Iíve worked at, but itís odd to be working in food service again. Another plus, the job has no shortage on hours so I keep busy. My next day off is Saturday, which also happens be my birthday: a double win.

However, with school and universities starting back up again in the coming weeks, itís weird for me. For the first time in seventeen(?) years, Iím not going back to school. Instead, Iím at home, with my parents, working as a server, saving to pay my student loans. and figuring out how to be a freelance writer in the meantime. I hope, once the new start to the school year passes, reality will set in even more for me. I donít mean this in a negative way. Iíve found myself struggling to accept my current predicament, even after three months. What could have beenócompleting my second year and graduating with my mastersóis never far from my mind. Instead, Iím looking for a foot in the door to start a career while working as a server. One really quite suspects how situations can change so suddenly.

I wish I had more to talk about besides the same old subject with the job hunt and work. Things have not changed much in the past few months. Iíve began to develop a regular routine in the past few weeks: work, sleep, work, read, and most importantly, creative writing whenever I can. It's the same old thing, which is better than having nothing but bad news.

Till then, cheers.

So, quick thanks for the image from confusedvision, under the Creative Commons License 2.0. The inspiration came from Lacuna Coil, an awesome gothic metal band from Italy. This place on the web is fueled by diaryland, firefox, psp 9, caffeine in any form, books, slavic literature, and random bursts of ideas. With the exception of the image and lyrics, the design and code involved is mine. Graize.

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