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New Year.

[2010-12-31] @ [10:12 p.m.]

Words which he [Stephen] did not understand he said over and over to himself till he had learned them by heart: and through them he had glimpses of the real world about him. The hour when he too would take part in the life of that world seemed drawing near and in secret he began to make ready for the great part which he felt awaited him, the nature of which he only dimly apprehended.
- James Joyce (from A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man)

One New Year's resolution is to start writing regularly here again. I've neglected this diary for too long again, but onto the entry:

So, it's New Year's Eve. In a couple of hours, 2010 will be done and gone with. It was fun while it lasted. Well, parts were fun. Other bits and pieces were kind of shitty. In sum, 2010 was a year with both ups and downs and it was a love-hate relationship.

Let's begin bad: the grad school dream was put on hold, I'm still job searching for that budding career, and I'm working two part-time jobs in the mean time. But who wants to dwell on the bad things. The good: I'm employed with two part-time jobs, I have parents that love me and allowed me to move back in, I know I can make it in grad school (that dream is temporarily postponed), I have a better understanding of myself and the world, and I'm healthy and alive. While 2010 was a year of ups and downs, the good outweighed the bad things, for which I'm grateful.

But 2011 is right around the corner, hours away in fact. I'm determined to make the new year so much better than 2010. My main resolution for the coming year is to make the most out of every opportunity that presents itself by dwelling less on the negative and being more proactive of the positive. If no opportunities present themselves, then I am determined to find something and crave my own path in this world. Essentially, I'm calling it Hakuna Matata. My other resolutions include finding a budding career that involves my degree, continuing to cultivate my passion and knowledge of writing and literature, and just learn to be happy. I'm still way too serious.

Over the years, I'm learned to make my resolutions much broader and vague. That way, I won't set myself up for failure as easily and I can better myself in a variety of aspects rather than just one way.

So, adieu to 2010. 2011, you're a new year. What have you got for me this time?

Happy New Year. Till then, cheers.

So, quick thanks for the image from confusedvision, under the Creative Commons License 2.0. The inspiration came from Lacuna Coil, an awesome gothic metal band from Italy. This place on the web is fueled by diaryland, firefox, psp 9, caffeine in any form, books, slavic literature, and random bursts of ideas. With the exception of the image and lyrics, the design and code involved is mine. Graize.

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