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[2011-01-10] @ [10:50 p.m.]

So whatís new? I found my pair of gloves that I thought Iíd lost a few days ago. Thereís a bit of good news.

There's talk of another major winter storm that's been brewing in the south making its way up the coast. Over Christmas, the area saw 13 inches of snow with the coastal blizzard, the third greatest snow fall amount on record for the area. The forecasters are calling for some snow and icy rain, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. Depending on how bad the weather is will determine if I get to work late or on time.

But with 2011, it feels the same as it did in 2010. I know I'm trying to find opportunities abound and keep up my own resolutions, but on a day to day basis, it feels the same. There's not much exciting or noteworthy happening. Work, go home, work some more: the usual routine. Despite everything, I do try to keep up my reading, trying to get through a chapter of one of the many books Iím constantly reading. Reading is one of the few things I do try to keep up with, regardless of everything that is going on.

Other than that, there isnít much happening. Till then, cheers.

So, quick thanks for the image from confusedvision, under the Creative Commons License 2.0. The inspiration came from Lacuna Coil, an awesome gothic metal band from Italy. This place on the web is fueled by diaryland, firefox, psp 9, caffeine in any form, books, slavic literature, and random bursts of ideas. With the exception of the image and lyrics, the design and code involved is mine. Graize.

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